“Sex Rules!: Astonishing Sex Roles from Around the World” by Janice Z. Broadman— Sex Roles, Sex Rules and Sexual Practices

Brodman, Janice Z. “Sex Rules!: Astonishing Sex Roles from Around the World”, Mango, 2017.

Sex roles, Sex rules and Sexual Practices

Amos Lassen

Stop for a moment and think about how much you really know about sex and sexual activity customs and behavior around our world. We can all agree that sex is great but we really do not know much about other peoples’ sexual habits and in many cases we tend to stereotype the sexual practices of others. With this new book by Janice Brodman, we learn a lot about other nations and it is great fun and even outrageous at times. We deal with the issue of normal and what that means.

Brodman has lived, worked or traveled in 35 countries and founded the Center for Innovative Technologies. We see that she has had the chance to observe sex in many places and now shares that with us. She researched hundreds of sources for this book and while some of what she writes might seem weird, bizarre, and unreal, it’s all absolutely true. Her goal is to delight people who reject the notion that “there’s only one way to be sexually moral,” and in doing so, she “gives tolerance a fun place to grow”.




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