” A Shared Darkness” by Gerald Lopez— A New Series

Lopez, Gerald. “A Shared Darkness” ADS, 2017.

Book One of a Stratham Town Father Andrew Trilogy

Amos Lassen

A new book by Gerald Lopez is always a pleasure since his stories are so much fun to read. Set in the town of Stratham, Florida, the residents are scared by several deadly events. Father Andrew Madera helps investigate what is going on but he soon learns that there are dark secrets in the town that can cause even more terrifying results once are exposed. He enlists other priests to work with him and among those working with him is the very handsome Vincent Farragate. We see that priests are so much more than just “nice guys”.

Lopez sets up quite a mystery and gives us a lot to think about. In fact, there are actually two mysteries and a look at what goes on in the world of priests. This is a non-stop read so before you start plan your day so that you have set aside enough time to read this as I did, in one sitting. You will not be disappointed.

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