“THE DAYDREAMER’S NOTEBOOK”— Seven Short Experimental Films

“The Daydreamer’s Notebook”

Seven Short Experimental Films

Amos Lassen

Over the last forty years, director Michael Saul has been obsessed with daydreams and we see that in this anthology of seven short, experimental films. I, personally have loved his work and these films are a special treat. This collection contains his short films “Nightcrawler”, “Euphoria”, “Cons”, “Idol”, “Boat 14”, “Subterranea” and “The Cipher and the Boar”, all of which are new to me. Saul provides an informative and moving narration as he reflects on his work and the biographical elements in his films.

These are experimental films so it might take a bit of patience until it becomes clear where these films are going and those that stick with them receive wonderful rewards. Some of the films are hypnotic and dreamy and reflect the filmmaker’s childhood. To summarize them here would not be fair for those who want to see the anthology but I can say that we see emotion, love and sensuality. The casts include David Allan Payne, Austin Jolly, Rob Westin, Jeffery Payne, Gabriel Paal, Lindsay Marquino, Vince Perez. Saul also wrote the screenplays and produced the anthology.

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