“We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart— A New Deluxe Hardcover Edition

Lockhart. E. “We Were Liars”,  (Deluxe Edition), Delacorte Press, 2017.

A New Hardcover Edition

Amos Lassen

Imagine if you will, one book a beautiful and distinguished family, a private island, a brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy, a group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive, a revolution, an accident, a secret, lies upon lies, true love, and the truth. This is what we have in “We Were Liars”, a modern, sophisticated suspense novel. We have read and reread this book and for many it has become part of their lives. Now we have the collector’s edition that includes never-before-shared letters from Gat to Cadence, a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the author’s creative process, the author’s hand-drawn map of Beechwood Island and the Sinclair family tree, unique ideas for book discussions (Sinclair family–style), and an excerpt from E. Lockhart’s upcoming novel “Genuine Fraud”, a psychological thriller that will leave you breathless. If you do not know what I am talking about then here is your chance to get

The New York Times bestseller as a not-to-be-missed hardcover deluxe edition and to give you an idea as to how many have enjoyed this book, on the Amazon cite there are over 2000 reviews. Did I mention that the first printing is signed by the author!?).

“We Were Liars” follows young Cadence, who is part of a wealthy family known as the Sinclairs. Her story takes place shortly after a terrible where she suffered something that was so traumatic that she has no recollection of what happened. Now she wants to pick up the pieces and find out what happened that night and the doctors also feel she needs to come to the realization on her own.

The focus is on Cadence’s real health issues; migraines that are so bad that they leave her “nauseous and unable to move.” We are all aware of the pretentiousness of adolescence and we meet rich white teenagers who exude that pretentiousness by trying to be deep.

One of the aunts of the Sinclair family moved out of her house because she couldn’t bear to live it anymore. Now the next few sentences are written in the style of the book so be prepared for some strange sentences.

The main house

had been leveled

and rebuilt.

Cady’s mother tells her she is spending too much time alone.

The Littles are acting out.

The twins steal pills and read about paranormal stuff.

One little gets scared at night and thinks the house is haunted.

Merrin is sick and doesn’t get better.

The Liars magically appear when Cady wants them and never clean up after themselves.

Cady doesn’t remember what happened for a whole summer.

The aunts are pretty much drunk 24/7 and being nice to each other because they are all grieving.

The Liars ignore Cady when she doesn’t return.

Her aunt walks around the island crying into her son’s jacket and keeps asking Cady if she has seen him. His little brother has nightmares so fierce he wakes up at night screaming while his mother wanders around aimlessly. And so on and on but you get used it and begin to miss it when it is not there.

This is not a love story and even without the details we know what happened that summer 15. After all, the novel is something of a mind game that is fun to play.

The story is incredible and the writing style makes it a fun read. Here are the summers of a girl who harbors a dark secret, and it gives us a satisfying, yet shocking twist ending


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