“A View from the Podium: A True Story” by Mikel Gerle— Looking for Discipline

Gerle, Mikel. “A View From the Podium: A True Story’, CreateSpace, 2017.

Looking for Discipline

Amos Lassen

Sometimes a short read gives you the push you need to start moving around and that is exactly what “A View from the Podium” did for me. I read it quickly yet I managed to savor every word and thought to myself that this could be a wonderful full-length novel.

Mike has longed for discipline and this led him across the contest stage where he accidentally becomes Mr. Los Angeles Leather. In his quest a hyper-masculine erotic brotherhood has him soaking up books on fetish and advice from an endless parade of self-appointed experts. Now, as he heads off to the biggest contest of them all, the Chicago, International Mister Leather competition. He wonders if he’s got what it takes and if the “community” has what he really wants. More than that I will not say but if you are interested in this type of story, this is a book for you.

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