“Nude Taco: How I became a Gay Gringo” by Cal Avocado— Facing Old Age and Looking Back

Avocado, Cal. “Nude Taco: How I became a Gay Gringo”, Independently Published, 2017.

Facing Old Age and Looking Back

Amos Lassen

A Gay gringo faces old age and looks back on history through his romances. He arrived in Mexico bursting with dreams for love after 25 years in San Francisco and New York as the AIDS epidemic began and burned through and devastated the gay community. However, fulfilling his dream did not happen as he had hoped. His conflict was that he did not want boundaries for love and sex in a world of homophobia, disease, poverty and the nature of men— a world that was full of obstacles. He met Paco and put his desires on him. Each event when they were together brought possibilities and problems and he began to lose hope when things did not work out. This is how he sees himself and he shares how HIV crisis shaped his life more than any other event. It is a true story that will have you laughing and weeping at the same time.

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