“UKRAINE ON FIRE”— Two Viktors


Two Viktors

Amos Lassen

For many, many years, the Ukraine has been   Ukraine “at the center of a tug-of-war between larger powers vying to control it for geo-political advantage” and this is still happening today.

“Ukraine on Fire” is the story of two Viktors–Viktor Yanukovych, who barely won the presidency in 2004 due to loyal ethnic support in his country, and his opposition and Viktor Yushchenko, who was the candidate supported by the U.S.  The film investigates the U.S.-backed coup that led to the overthrow of Yanukovych and uncovers the Obama Administration players who pulled the strings.

Executive producer Oliver Stone gains Through the use of on-camera interviews with not only Yanukovych, but with Russian President Vladimir Putin, we begin to wonder whether what you’ve seen in the news is the truth or rather a campaign devised by Western superpowers to rule the world. 

This documentary is the closest thing we will have to what really happened and is still happening in the Ukraine. We clearly see that a coup ‘d’état that brought down the legally and democratically elected president resulted in a civil war. We see Stalin’s actions and learn about Ukrainian nationalist organizations. Throughout the film we see the influence of the US government and intelligence agencies on the lives of people in other countries. We clearly see how the media manipulated public opinion. Further, the film explains how the situation in Ukraine can affect anyone on Earth.

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