“Finding Sanctuary” by DC Juris– Confronting Fears

Juris, DC. “Finding Sanctuary”, Fanny Press, 2010.

Confronting Fears

Amos Lassen

Vincent is a regular guy—nothing special; he is the kind of a guy you see walking down the street to whom you pay no attention. He has a good job, leads a respectable life, has a nice girlfriend, a nice house, etc. Materially he is set but something is happening in his head. He begins to realize that his best friend, Eric, is the object of his lust and affection, Suddenly Eric invites Vincent to join him at a BDSM playhouse and it there that Vincent comes face to face with his fears and will have to test himself as to how far he can and will go. Eric has needs that conflict with Vincent’s needs and they will have to find a way to come to terms.
I am absolutely amazed at the way this book affected me and I have been thinking about it since I closed the covers. I always enjoy finding a new writer that pulls me and that is exactly what DC Juris did. I have never been really interested in the BDSM subculture and have not read much about it. Now I want to read more. Juris gives us larger than life characters that are exciting to read about. I totally enjoyed Vincent and reading about him coming to terms with himself was a real pleasure for me. The plot never sags and the writing is excellent. Now I have to go back and have a look at Juris’s other books. From the bio I read, he sounds fascinating.

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