“Target Omega” by Peter Kirsanow— Meet Michael Garin

Kirsanow, Peter. “Target Omega: A Thriller”, Dutton, 2017.

Meet Michael Garin

Amos Lassen

Michael Garin is a member of an elite, highly secretive counter-WMD unit and has just successfully foiled a terrorist takeover of an overseas nuclear weapons facility. His team is now back at home and safe and the members are readjusting to civilian life. Then, one by one, these American heroes are systematically assassinated on U.S. soil. The only survivor is their unit leader, Michael Garin.

 This is a thriller that pits Garin against international intelligence operatives as well as against his own government who now believe that he is responsible for the death of his team. Garin holds the key to saving the world from Armageddon but he must stay alive in order to use it.

Garin’s unit was created for the sole purpose of preventing weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of terrorists and rogue regimes. Their covert, surgical strikes have eliminated grave threats so the rest of America can sleep without fear, but that all changes.

Garin is the sole survivor and chief suspect of the attacks and then finds himself on the run from Iranian intelligence operatives bent on tracking and killing him. Even the American government appears to have turned against him, sending a lethal sniper from the vaunted Delta Force to eliminate the threat they think he’s become. His fight to survive becomes part of a larger conspiracy that is coming into existence as the world watches. There is a

conspiracy planning a catastrophic attack that has been precipitated by growing tensions in the Middle East that, if successful, will shift the balance of power and do away the United States as we know it.

This is obviously the start of a new series in which Garin will be the hero. The plot moves fast and so does Garin, a man who is willing to risk everything to stop the villains and exact revenge in the most brutal but just ways. Terrific first novel for Peter Kirsanow. I found myself sitting on the edge of my chair and turning pages as quickly as possible.

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    My husband’s name is Michael Garin, so my birthday shopping for this year is all sorted. 🙂


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