“MR. PREDICTABLE”— Keeping His Promise

“MR. PREDICTABLE” (“Yeled Tov Yerushalayim”)

Keeping His Promise

Amos Lassen

When Adi (Amos Tamam) was five years old, his father made him swear to be a good boy and always be responsible. After his father’s death in the war in Lebanon, Adi had no choice but to keep his promise for life. Years later, a computer error causes Adi to believe that he’s got cancer – and suddenly all those years of being “predictable” seem like a tragic waste of time. Adi meets sweet, free-spirited Natalia (Meytal Gal), who seems to have no fear of life. Now he has face the choice between a steady, predictable existence and a chance at genuine happiness.

Adi has always been a “good boy.” He always helped at home, at school, in the military, in his marriage and he became the most thoughtful man you can imagine. Actually, however Adi became a “sucker” who was exploited by nearly everyone he ever met. Natalia, something of a “naughty” girl who entices Adi into a life full of emotions, of passion and romance. Adi Levi became a man who was simply too nice for his own good until he literally bumps into Natalya and one of the dogs she walks. Natalya is a dog walker who takes Adi into her life and retrains him (just like she does to the dogs she walks).

This is a film that takes us into ordinary life in Israel, with the situation there in the background, informing it rather than being at the heart of the story. Because of his promise to his father, Adi has been careful and cautious to the point of timidity and so very aware of others. He became a pushover and his boss, his wife and even his teenage son walk all over him. When a mix-up at a hospital appointment that leads him to believe he has mere weeks to live, his life begins to change. It just so happens that he narrowly avoids killing one of Natalya’s dog charges when he runs it over.

We watch a new relationship and a new man being born. Adi finds not just his mojo, but also his inner hard man. Much of this is down to the winning performances of a beautifully matched pair of actors, and supporting cast of dogs. Roee Florentin directed the film with sensitivity and panache.

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