“OASIS”— “In Here, Life is Beautiful”


“In Here Life is Beautiful”

Amos Lassen

If you have been following my reviews, you know that I am a fan of director Jorge Ameer. One of the films I reviewed was hit and he has given me the honor of being the first person to write a review of his work. Naturally when he told me that his new film “Oasis” was being screened at Cannes, I became very anxious to see it. Now that I have done so, I want to share with you news of his romantic thriller set in gorgeous Panama. It is the story of two friends whose lives and worlds intersect as they embark on a journey of self-discovery as well as of each other as they visit some of the most beautiful places in the world that are located in the lush country of Panama. Visually, the movie is a feast for the eyes and I don’t mean just the scenery.

While on business in Panama, Andrew (Matt Lynn) visits his friend Oliver (Cesar De Fuentes). Andrew had in his mind that Oliver was doing fine and is surprised to discover that this is not true. It seems that there is trouble and Andrew realizes that when he hear Oliver arguing with his wife, Constancia (Katia Semacaritt). The couple has a daughter but we learn that Oliver lives by appearances and is deeply in debt. When Andrew realizes the truth of his friend, he offers some relief by inviting him to go to some of the more exotic and tropical locales in Panama with the hope that the two men will be able to pick up where their friendship stopped before this trip. What we the learn is that Andrew, however, has his own problems and these problems are put to the test one nigh when a mysterious indigent tells Andrew that he can help him see the future.. Problems that one night are challenged when he meets a mysterious indigent who claims he can help Andrew see the future. I am not sure what Andrew was thinking but he bought the latest synthetic hallucinogenic street drug as a way to stop the indigent from stalking him. Soon, both men experience something sinister, as their curiosity for this drug changes the course of their trip and their lives.

A word of warning— it is very easy to surmise what is going to happen here if you paid attention to the way I thinly wrote about the plot. Do not make any suppositions because you will probably be wrong. It is important to know that Andrew and Oliver are from different social classes and this, of course, does affect them and it thereby affects the film as well.

Oasis as the title of the film is perfect in that it describes the beauty of Panama as well as the respite the two men find when they are away from it and exploring the country’s beautiful places. It is the peace they find when they are together and not part of the mundane world around them. I can’t say any more about the plot without giving something away but I can say something about Jorge Ameer’s direction which is perfect. I have always been told that the sign of a fine director is when you do not feels his/her presence. Under Ameer’s direction the story flows beautifully. Like I said before, the setting is magnificent and it is wonderfully captured. The actors are also excellent so prepare yourself for a film you will not soon forget. This is a film that deserves 5 GOLD STARS.

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