“The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers” (Les plus belles escroqueries du monde”)

Swindling Around the Globe

Amos Lassen

“The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers” is made up of four swindle stories, taking place successively in Tokyo, Japan (“Les cinq bienfaiteurs de Fumiko”), Italy (“La feuille de route”), Paris (“L’homme qui vendit la tour Eiffel”) and Marrakech “Le gran esroc”.Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard , Ugo Gregoretti and Hiromichi Horikawa are the directors represented here and the casts include Jean Seberg, Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Francis Blanche and Ken Mitsuda. Each of the short films is a gem. However, to say anymore about any of the segments would spoil the film for others and so I will simply say that this in one you do not want to miss and the transfer from Olive Films is a gem.

Originally there was an Amsterdam segment, “A River of Diamonds” (directed by Roman Polanski), but it has been removed from presentations of the film at the request of the director.

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