“Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party”

A New Mini-series

Amos Lassen

Based on Agatha Christie’s iconic novel “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas”, “Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party” is a new four-part French mini-series that is  sexy, witty and a lot of fun. Superintendent Larosière and Inspector Lampion are the lead investigators on a mystery that begins when chateau owner Simon Le Tescou is found dead in his home and all of his grown children have motives for murder! 

It takes place during World War II and each

90-minute installment is a single story. The plots are filled with twists and turns thus giving the characters plenty of opportunity to meet untimely demises. Each character has suffered with an aspect of Le Tescous cruelty, and each has something to gain from his death. Larosière and Lampion investigate the murder in classic Christie style: Superintendent Larosières passion for beautiful women is matched only by his love of solving puzzling crimes, and his young colleague Inspector Lampion has sensibilities that sometimes clash with those of a less-enlightened age. The fun comes from their combustive dynamic. Larosière thinks he knows it all, until Lampion sets him straight and in the process we get a wonderful and mysterious adventure.

The series stars Robert Hossein, Elsa Zyberstein, Bruno Todeschini, Antoine Duffy and Gregor Derangere.

Here are short synopses of the four episodes:

  • Season 1 – Episode 1 

The mystery begins when Simon Le Tescou is found dead in his home – and all of his children have motives for murder!

  • Episode 2 Rookie inspector Emilie Lampion reports for his first day of work, and Simon Le Tescou invites his family to his castle for his 70th birthday.

  • Episode 3 

The murderer still seems to be among the group when Alix gets clobbered by a vase one floor above her.

  • Episode 4 

In the dramatic conclusion, the murderer gets exposed in a surprise plot twist.

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