“THE FIVE YEAR ITCH & OTHER SHORTS”— Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Drama

“The Five Year Itch & Other Shorts”

Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Amos Lassen

Filmmaker Andy Halliday is a New York writer and actor whose work is new to me but whose credentials including working with Charles Busch make him a person whose work I want to see. Andy says that it is his to make films about gay men and women, and in doing so explore the realities of what happens beyond “coming out”. He chooses to deal with sex, drug addiction and getting older. Here we have five short films that are candid and full of heart and humor. It just so happens that there is great eye candy of the men.

The films were made from 2004 to 2012 and on tight budgets and resources. We immediately sense the director’s passion for his work and that he is truly an independent.

“The Five Year Itch” – 43 minutes

Matt and Greg have had a tough four years and as they go into their fifth year, life and love have become a bit easier. They want to celebrate their relationship and decide to do so with a group of their other “married” friends.

“Call Me Sometime” – 24 minutes

Billy has been in rehab for the last two months and he was determined to get his life in order and to be sober. However….

“Something Beautiful” – 37 minutes

Cory decides, after three days of drugs, that the time has come to change his life. He tries to get his friends Tommy and Charlie to do the same and what he learns is that each person must find the path for him and that we are not always the same as others.

“Slightly Dangerous” – 40 minutes

This is a film that is still in progress that is wonderful high camp. We have “drama, lust, suspense, witch’s magic, a crazed serial killer, and some very sexy guys”.

“A Day in the Life of a Lost Boy” – 14 minutes

What does one do when he is an attractive, talented young man can’t go a day without sex and drugs. Here is the day in which he tries to do so.

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