“INCORPORATED”— 2074—The Future


2074— the Future

Amos Lassen

Climate disaster has caused a catastrophe. The world’s food supplies are controlled by two corporations— Spiga and Inazagi and the world is divided into two zones: red and green. Scum of the world are in the red zone and corporate “suits” are in the green zone. The border is defined, but it can be crossed and our protagonist is one of the few who succeeded in crossing it.

On the green side, everybody must contribute to the corporation. Children are brainwashed and people are obsessed with success. Everybody wants to climb up, all the way to the mystic 40th floor. They all dream of capitalism. The ultimate lucky ones are part of Arcadia, a place where all dreams come true. Arcadia is an elite place with only one motto: “What happens in Arcadia, stays in Arcadia”.

Ben Larson (Sean Teale) is the aspiring young hope of the corporation. He’s married to the director’s daughter and works hard to benefit Spiga. His other identity, a dark one, is the one he was born with— Aaron, a kid from the red-zone. In the corporate world, everything he is and everything he’s aspired to is false. His actions and words eventually come into the corporation’s scrutiny. His motivation, to climb up, will come into direct conflict with the hidden past. In the midst of it all, he has personal agenda and his “green-zone” identity is merely a tool for fulfilling it.

Allison Miller is Laura, Larson’s wife Laura and Julia Ormond is Elisabeth, Spiga’s director. “Incorporated” is set in the year 2074, a dystopian future world in which global warming has reduced most of the world to an impoverished husk and international corporations have been given unlimited power to rule over us 99 percenters. The show came on just weeks after one-man corporation Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, and “Incorporated” feels like an ominous sign of things to come.

Ben seems like the perfect corporate drone. He toes the company line, is married to an WASPy plastic surgeon and spends all his time trying to climb the corporate ladder. But Ben’s got a secret. For starters, his name isn’t Ben: It’s Aaron. And it seems he’s engaging in an elaborate, long-term ruse, worming his way into this major corporation so he can find a missing girl. The mystery behind Ben’s motivations is the show is about. The higher he climbs in the rigidly structured corporation, the more information he has access to. Julian (Dennis Haysbert) is the company’s very scary head of security who’s always looking for infiltrators and corporate spies to torture.

It’s difficult to get emotionally involved in Ben’s predicament and while visually, the show is a treat, I found it to be a bit shallow.

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