“STARLIGHT”— Secrets, Jealousy and Envy


Secrets, Jealousy, and Envy

Amos Lassen

French filmmaker Sophie Blondy has set “Starlight” in the dunes near the North Sea where a small circus company is suffering from a serious lack of audience for their shows. Even though not many come to see the shows the magic of the circus is still there and thriving.

Each performer rehearses and performs new numbers, yet there is a fragile balance among them and this will quickly fall apart to unveil their real nature and their most obscure feelings. The circus becomes a place of romantic lust where each person uses their powers to satisfy their desires.

We meet Angele (Natacha Regnier), the diaphanous ballerina, her clown lover Elliot (Denis Levant) and the circus ringmaster who is cruel and disturbed by fits of schizophrenia on one side. Zohra (Beatrice Dalle), who is in love with Elliot, is haunted by an uncanny conscience on the other side. Secrets, jealousy, envy progressively take hold of them and bring about some irreversible acts causing the life of the circus will then take a whole new turn. Iggy Pop appears throughout the film as an “angel” type character.


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