“BELOVED SAM”— Two Gay Teens


Two Gay Teens

Amos Lassen

Beloved Sam tells the story of two teenagers falling in love for the first time It is the story of David and American exchange student Sam, who meet at a youth group. They fall in love, but while Sam is out to his parents, David isn’t.

Then his brother walks in on the boys and later threatens David to out him. The film is produced by

Come In, a youth group in the city of Magdeburg in former East Germany, he film is the result of a filmmaking workshop with LGBTI media project Queerblick.

The film was planned to be an all-German production until Noah Hutchinson, a US exchange student, joined the team, and everyone switched to speaking English.

German media praises “Beloved Sam” for its sweet storyline, but also for spreading body positivity and going against the classic idea of who is considered attractive.

The film features two regular young men who falliin love for the first time, showing that everyone deserves love.

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