“Sacred Band” by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.— Gaining Normal Lives

Carriker, Jr. Joseph D. “Sacred Band”, Lethe Press, 2017.

Gaining “Normal” Lives

Amos Lassen

Rusty had been a kid during what came to be known as the golden age but he remembers his idol, Sentinel saved lives and righted wrongs before he was outed by scandal and that forced him to live in isolation. Then when a gay friend of Rusty’s who was living in the Ukraine goes missing, Rusty is forced to acknowledge that there are some places where the law doesn’t protect everyone. He then manages to find and recruit Sentinel to help him find his friend. However, the disappearance of the friend was just one move in a terrible plot against queer youth. The characters are so wonderfully drawn that there are times that it feels that they are right here in the room with us.

This is also a look at those who are marginalized and sit on the fringes of society. We become very aware of the struggles of the LGBT community and its members who have to deal with real world issues. Joseph Carriker Jr. mixes fantasy and reality here.

The plot itself is suspenseful and addictive and the book is hard to put down. I actually read it in one sitting.