“Saints+Sinners 2017: New Fiction from the Festival” edited by Paul Willis and Amie Evans— An Anthology

Willis, Paul and Amie Evans editors). “Saints+Sinners 2017: New Fiction from the Festival”, Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

An Anthology

Amos Lassen

Since I could not make it to the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in my hometown of New Orleans, I did the next best thing and got a copy of the anthology of short fiction. I haven’t really had a chance to look at it yet but I know it will be a good read. Of course, it won’t be the same as seeing old and new friends and attending panels and parties but it will have to do.

This year the selections are:

  • Moonshine by Michael Chin
  • The Gay Restaurants of New York by William Moeck
  • The Gods Are Stacked Against Us by Sheila Morris
  • Jesus Year by Dale Corvino
  • Must Love Animals by Louis Flint Ceci
  • Temporary Adhesions by P.D. Walter
  • Leaves by James Penha
  • Curo The Filthmonger: A Tale of Art and Survival in the Cold Embrace of Outer Space by J. Marshall Freeman
  • Passing Through by John Morgan Wilson
  • Obituaries by Thomas Westerfield
  • The Fool by Ellis Anderson
  • Oni and Marie by Debra Curtis
  • Slaying the Dragon by W. C. Smith
  • Beauty Marks by David James Parr
  • Bear Food by Alise Wascom

They are led off with an introduction by Michael Thomas Ford.

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