“LIKE FOAM”— Searching for Sex/Love

“Like Foam” (“Como la espuma”)

Searching for Sex/Love

Amos Lassen

Gus (Nacho San Jose) is determined to find the right gift for his best friend Milo’s (Carlo D’Ursi) birthday and he thinks that would be someone to have sex with. Milo seems to have everything. He lives in a mansion and is very handsome but he feels sorry for himself in that he is now confined to a wheelchair (the result of a serious accident) and his very angry that the love of his life, Mario (Daniel Muriel) walked out on him. This happened over ten years ago

 Gus gets in touch with Carla (Javier Ballesteros), a trans girlfriend and asks her to help plan a party for Milo. He wants to make sure that it will become an orgy. Carla immediately begins inviting people and they invite their friends. The party begins and soon becomes quite full of naked and semi-naked bodies. As the party continues, stories are told that expose dark and intimate secrets and fears. Mario is not happy at what the party has turned into and feels that people only pretend to be having a good time and that something is missing from the guests’ lives.

 When Milo sees that Mario is one of the partygoers, he doesn’t know to react and is torn between feelings of contempt and feelings of love that he still has for him. The orgy and the naked bodies are discreetly filmed and while not everyone at the party is gay, it is the story of Milo and Mario that keeps us interested. The cast is excellent all around.

Roberto Perez Toledo both wrote and directed this charming comedy that shows us that not everything is what it seems to be. 

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