“A Distant Rainbow: The Story About a Boy” by Dario Sinzoic— Growing Up

Sinzoic, Dario. “A Distant Rainbow: The Story About a Boy”, Independently Published, 2017.

Growing Up

Amos Lassen

Set in a conservative Eastern European country in the 1980s and 90s, “A Distant Rainbow” is the autobiography of a boy growing up and learning about his being gay and staying in the closet. His childhood was spent without love from his parents and bullying at school. He shares the first time that he fell in love and his strong desire for love and attention. Eventually the story and his life take a turn for the better and we see that his first real love affair was very intense even if it only lasted for a short period. He refers to himself as “sexually disoriented“ and his life has been “full of ups and downs”. We have read stories like this for years but what makes this unique is the setting. We know very little about being gay in Eastern Europe.



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