“Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace” by Daniel Mattson— He Says He is No Longer Gay

Mattson, Daniel. “Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace”, Ignatius Press, 2017.

He Says He is No Longer Gay

Amos Lassen

Daniel Mattson once believed he was gay, but no longer. He was raised in a Christian family, and aware of attractions to other boys at age six. He says that his life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions to other males. Finding the conflict too great, he turned his back on God in anger and decided to live life the way the world said he should. He allowed himself to guided by his desires for men and he accepted that he was gay and found a man to share a life with. However, he discovered the happiness and freedom that the gay rights movement promised was empty. In this candid memoir, Mattson shares his journey from living a life as a gay man, to finding freedom in living out the call of chastity that was rooted in humbling accepting the reality of his true sexual nature. He says that his sexuality was given to him by God and he is simply a man, like any other man on earth. Unfortunately that last sentence is not true as one of man’s properties is his sexual urge.

Mattson claims that this book is part memoir, part philosophy about reality, and part a practical guide for living chastely. (I think he had better relearn the definition of reality). Using his own fight for chastity, he claims to share the wisdom from his own failures and successes. He goes to the saints for wisdom, and then gives us practical steps to chastity and these are “rooted above all else in humble reliance on Jesus as man’s holiness” (Give me a break!!). He shares his own struggles in discovering the meaning of true friendship and reflects on the nature of friendship, and the temptations which can often enter the realm of friendship for a man like him (I wonder how many there are). He explains the Catechism’s difficult phrases about homosexuality, and finds within them liberating truth (and Catholic foolishness and hocus-pocus). He says that his journey comes full circle when his lifelong search for “happiness and peace is found in the realization that, above all else, what is true about him is that he is a beloved child of God” (which, of course, he cannot be as gay).

In his honest (?) look at his own shortcomings and his battle with God, Mattson has written a book for everyone (who needs a psychiatrist) who has ever wondered who they are, why they are here, and where God can be found when we suffer. This is not as Mattson says, a “welcome voice of sanity among the muddled thinking of modern society who believes that sexual identity is rooted in the realm of feelings and desires”. “Mattson urges the Church to unabashedly proclaim the Good News that Christ said while he walked among us: -Have you not read that He who made them from the beginning made them male and female?” (and fool?). I am amazed that someone would publish this piece of crap and I hope that it lays on the shelf unread forever. This man’s Jesus must be crying.

One question—- Do chaste men commit the sin of Onan?

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