“THE PRETTY BOYS”– Los Angeles, 1973

“The Pretty Boys”

Los Angeles, 1973

Amos Lassen

Everett Lewis brings us a new film that is unlike anything I have seen before. “The Pretty Boys” is about the interactions of the members of a glam rock band as they film the final cut on their new album. Here is reality like we do not often get to see.

The band, “The Pretty Boys” is on a course of self destruction and the members seem to live only for sex and drugs. Rock And Roll was once part of that mantra but things have spun far out of control. In fact they hire a new assistant manager who is nothing more than a drug runner.

This is realism in your face and the movie while not easy to watch is mesmerizing and it held me captive, so much so that I watched it three consecutive times.  Watching people fall to demonic delusion is not easy and from where they have come, one would think that this would be a wakeup call. Instead it is not and it is as if the band members have given up. The film stars Dale Dymkoski, Bryce Blais, Eric Gorlow and others and watching their decline is heartbreaking. Yet realism in a movie is what really lets us if what we are watching is important or not and “The Pretty Boys” is as real as it gets.

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