“All Lost Things” by Josh Atervois– Life Changes for Killian Kendall

Atervois, Josh. “All Lost Things”, PD Publishing, 2009.

Life Changes for Killian Kendall

Amos Lassen

Josh Atervois’s young detective Killian Kendall is growing up. Here he is finishing high school and beginning his new job as an assistant to private investigator. He barely began his job when his ex called him in need of his help. He needs Killian to prove that Asher his ex’s new flame, Caleb, was not guilty of murdering his father. Killian took the case unaware of where it would lead him and the dangerous results. We soon learn that Caleb’s father had been abusive to his son and that his murder was quite violent.

At just the same time, Killian’s surrogate parents buy a new home and turn it into a bed and breakfast and there is an idea that the place has a ghost. This is the third book in the Killian Kendall series and in this one we watch Killian really maturing. There is also more on crime here than the two books that preceded it.  Killian had been having some really bad dreams that include murder and a visit from a dead friend and this was a call for concern.

I love the way Atervois writes and the way he develops his characters, He manages to make this a coming of age story as well as a murder mystery and he is convincing all the way. The story itself is quite complex yet it is totally organized, Atervois also has a unique talent in developing characters and Killian is a prime example. As times he comes across as a kid while at other times he is amazingly mature. We are given a hint to a new romance on the horizon for Killian and the combination of romance with mystery is a great combination. Then there are also the issues of ghosts and we see that all of the elements for a good read are here.

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