“San Francisco Daddy: One Gay Man’s Chronicle of His Adventures in Life and Love” by Charles St. Anthony— A Mini-Memoir

St. Anthony, Charles. “San Francisco Daddy: One Gay Man’s Chronicle of His Adventures in Life and Love”, illustrated by Terry Blass, Impossibly Glamorous Studios, 2017.

A Mini-Memoir

Amos Lassen

Coming back to the United States after living in Japan, Charles St. Anthony fulfilled one of his greatest dreams—- to live in San Francisco, something he has wanted to do his entire life. He shares that with us in this mini-memoir in which he is able to find humor in almost. every situation. He takes us by the hand and leads us through a tour of San Francisco and tells us of his many adventures there. He is brutally honest and candid and we understand almost immediately why San Francisco is also known as the New Age Babylon by the Bay. The wit is caustic, the tour is fun and the telephone for making plane reservations to get there is near at hand. The tales of the city that you read here are unlike any others and we read them filled with keen observation and self-depreciation.

Charles St Anthony lived in Japan until the earthquake in 2011 so he moved to a place where there were no earthquakes. He took a series of dead end jobs, transformed himself into a `bear’, and joined the party by having a series of romantic liaisons as dead end as the dead end jobs. St. Anthony takes on life, love, and work in the San Francisco Bay Area and keeps us laughing.


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