“Beyond the Wellspring” by Dennis Cerotti— The Year 2030

Cerotti, Dennis. “Beyond the Wellspring”, Sea Venture, 2017.

The Year 2030

Amos Lassen

Let’s go to the future to the year 2030 when the United States is dealing with a tremendous

political catastrophe. Large blocks of coastal states have seceded and New England is among them. The former United States is now being governed by fascists and warlords and an uneasy peace has been established with the creation of “Norumbega” (New England), a new nation. This is the story of what happened when America is changed into a totalitarian state that is fully militarized and that came into being followed exactly what Hannah Arendt shares with us in her definitive. “The Origins of Totalitarianism”. I believe that, for me, at least, is what makes this such a fascinating story. Arendt’s book is compulsory reading for many college students in the social sciences yet it was not heeded causing this all to happen. Her blueprint was totally ignored.

A resistance movement came into being and faced with the dangerous tasks of restoring democracy and freedom to a country that had decided to part ways with these values. Here was a modern state that relied on technology and surveillance state and where there was satellite monitoring of the civilian population. Nothing seemed to be safe from those who spied through the tools of communication and there were penalties for not adhering to what was required. Spying on citizens was omnipresent and drones were used for enforcement. If this is beginning to sound a bit familiar, just think about who is running this country today (and how he got there).

Yes, this is not a pretty picture of this country but the book has a purpose and that is for us to see what can be. A society where governmental dominance causes devastation is not the future that any of us want to face but that we must all be aware of the possibilities of it happening. I believe that Dennis Cerotti wrote this to inspire us so that this will not happen here and he issues a dire warning about what can and might happen of we do not take heed. This is a short book coming in at a few more than a hundred pages and each page is important. You do not want to miss “Beyond the Wellspring” and you really need to pay attention to what it says. The story ends on a positive note, a note of possibility and hope.


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