“BEST FRIENDS”– A Road Trip with a Young Richard Hatch

“Best Friends”

A Road Trip with a Young Richard Hatch

Amos Lassen

Not a whole lot can be said about “Best Friends” aside from us seeing Richard Hatch before his “Survivor” days.

Hatch is Jesse and he and best friend Pat (Doug Chapin), Jo Ella (Ann Noland), Pat’s girlfriend  and Kathy (Susanne Benton) go on a cross country trip in a Winnebago in that summer of fun before they have to face the responsibilities of the adult world. Jesse is ready to settle down but Pat wants to go on this trip before he does settle down and this is the premise of the very thin plot. So this is both a buddy movie and a movie about relationships. Tension between the friends as it does we learn about the characters. Kathy holds onto Jesse and this makes Pat jealous of her. Pat knows Jo Ella wants to get married but Pat tells her that will never happen with her and him. This breaks her and Pat goes on to lie to her and say that Jesse is really interested in her and that she should have sex with him. Pat then talks to Kathy and tries to convince her that Jesse is not the man for her and would unquestionably cheat on her.

This opens to door for Jesse and Jo Ella to sleep together and then Pat attempts to have sex with Kathy. Of course this puts a strain of the friendship of the men and the rest of the film is about them trying to repair their broken relationship. Of course things will not end so easily and there is a surprise coming. All in all, this is a pretty bad film but seeing Richard Hatch (who was quite good looking) as a young man is fun. There is a gay subplot here but I am mum on that. This movie is also a part of Savage Cinema’s box set.

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