“THE CLIMBER”— A Career Criminal

“The Climber” (“L’ambizioso”)

A Career Criminal

Amos Lassen

A hungry young man aspires to be a career criminal and begins working at a warehouse for a gangster. Because he is both ruthless and dependable, he begins to move up the ladder of organized crime.

Pasquale Squitieri’s 1975 film “The Climber” is a good look seventies Eurotrash. It stars Joe Dallesandro and Stefania Casini who were two of the most beautiful people in the movies. They were also a couple at the time and that lends their scenes together something a little special.

Squitieri made a series of these Italian crime films in the early to mid seventies and his direction is pretty sharp here. This is not a great film but it’s an entertaining one. It also has a few surprising moments including a brutal and prolonged stabbing scene and a very odd, and surprisingly moving, final five minutes.

Here is a thriller that is full of brawls, fistfights, shootouts and explosions. It follows in the tradition of gangster classics as it charts the rise and inevitable fall of small-time smuggler Aldo (Dallesandro). Beaten and abandoned by the local gang boss after he tries to skim off some profits for himself, Aldo forms his own group of misfits in order to achieve revenge.

Special Features include:

Brand new 4K restoration of the film from the original negative

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations

Original Italian soundtrack in uncompressed PCM mono with optional newly-translated English subtitles

Alternative English-language soundtrack with optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Little Joe’s Adventures in Europe, a brand-new interview with Joe Dallesandro on his numerous European film appearances during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork by Chris Malbon

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Booklet featuring new writing on the film by Roberto Curti, author of Italian Crime Filmography, 1968-1980

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