“Inspired by Art: A Peek at Bathsheba”, (The David Chronicles Book 7) by Uvi Poznansky— The Great Love Affair

Poznansky, Uvi. “Inspired by Art: A Peek at Bathsheba”, (The David Chronicles Book 7), ADS, 2017.

The Great Love Affair

Amos Lassen

Once again Uvi Poznansky gives us a look at art inspired by King David of the Hebrew Bible and once again it stuns both the eye and the mind. Here we have the art that represents one of the great love stories of all time and a torrid love affair between David, king of Israel and Bathsheba and the king’s attempts to cover it up.

We have a collection of sculptures, paintings, etchings, and manuscripts arranged in the order as they appear in the story and as seen by many different artists. They are not only exciting to look at but they give force to the story that they represent.

Artists included are Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Chagall, Picasso, and Jan Steen to name just several. The various works that we see come from varying historical time periods by artists are from 10 countries including France, America, Germany, Russia, Italy and Austria to name a few. The reader will be able to see Moreau, Rembrandt, Schwebel, Picasso, Raphael and Cezanne.

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