“A Token of Time” by Ethan Day— A Test of Time

Day, Ethan. “A Token of Time, ED Books, 2017 reprint.

A Test of Time

Amos Lassen

The recent murder of Zachary Hamilton’s lover brought about some very strange happenings including his relationship to mow dead and legendary matinee idol, Marc Castle. As he tried to figure out the star’s death and the mystery it, Zachary comes into contact with an ancient relic that carries a lot of history and folklore. This changed Zachary in every way possible and challenged everything that he had ever thought to be true. I am not sure how to characterize this novel because it crosses genre lines. It is a romance with a touch of the paranormal as well as a mystery. We begin was a tad confusing but with a bit of patience we arrive at a fascinating story.

The romance between Zac and Marc is written about beautifully and we share the intensity of it as we read. Here is a story about love and loss and what sacrifice really means. It is quite funny in parts and while I am not one who really reads paranormal novels, the way time travel is handled here is amazing.

Categorizing this book is  difficult because it crosses genre lines again and again. It has murder, mystery, violence, magic, love and romance! It took me a bit to get into the story but once I did, I could not stop reading especially about

the romance between Zac and Marc. It was wonderfully written and we can almost feel the care with which Ethan Day wrote it. The romance builds slowly and beautifully with Zach and Marc being wonderful examples of love. This whole time travel theme could have been absolutely ridiculous by Day was able to control it and keep it within bounds. All of the minor characters are wonderfully drawn and I found myself caring about them as much as I cared about the main characters. Quite simply, I can say that I loved this book.

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