“TOO MUCH SUN”– An Insane Comedy

“Too Much Sun”

An Insane Comedy

Amos Lassen


If you are in the mood for a ribald comedy, check out “Too Much Sun”, the story of a millionaire who son is gay and daughter is a lesbian. His will stipulates that his children will inherit his estate only if one of them can bring forth a grandchild within a year of his death. Of course the premise is silly but the cast is quite funny. There is a lack of coherence in the script but the laughs come fast.

On the other hand, the film can be seen as offensive. It is a sex farce that is meant to shock and shock it does. Howard Duff is O.M. Rivers, the father of Sonny (Eric Idle) and Bitsy (Andrea Martin). When they discover that the church is to inherit their father’s estate if a child is not produced, they begin to devise plans. The film looks at the subjects of greed and hypocrisy but they may go a step too far. The fact that it is so offensive may actually help this film and director Robert Downey uses every comedy technique known.

There is a chaos to the film and the plot rambles and some of it is quite cynical. Aside from causing laughter the film may also cause anger and I think that is what makes it so special. This is one of those films that the viewer must decide for himself if he enjoyed it. That is why I only said a couple of things about the plot. I personally laughed my head off but I can also see why others will not.


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