“PINK ANGELS”– Easy Riders Meet “La Cage Aux Folles”

“Pink Angels”

Easy Riders Meet “La Cage Aux Folles”

Amos Lassen


I never thought I would see a gay themed biker movie but then I guess I should have never thought. Sure, it is a preposterous idea but it works and “Pink Angels” is one of the campiest movies I have ever seen. We meet six tough bikers on their way to Los Angeles—Michael (John Alderman), Eddie (Henry Olek), David (Tom Basham), Henry (Bob Bihiller), Arnold (Bruce Kimball with the worse fake beard I have ever seen) and Ronnie (Maurice Warfield). They look tough but they are just the opposite and their destination is a drag ball. They look really mean and burly but they are actually cross dressers. When they are stopped by the highway patrol, instead of finding drugs and booze, the patrolmen find brassieres and dresses and our bikers limp “wristedly” get back on their hogs and continue on.

The guys are smart though; they had no idea who they might meet on the way and so they assumed the disguises of real bikers and even have swastikas and Confederate flags on their bikes. As they travel they have adventures like these we do not often see on film—they meet women who work in a brothel and want them, rival bikers and a military man who is out to get all those “hippies” that do not respect the American Flag. Our bikers play the stereotypical nelly gay man and I am sure that some will strongly disagree with this but we must remember that all is done in fun. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, it is a sad state of affairs. I am still not sure if I was laughing with the movie or at it. Thinking about it now, I have decided that it is just fun, nothing more and nothing less.

I do not think the film is available by itself. It is part of the Savage Cinema Box Set of 12 movies. Another somewhat gay themes film included is “Best Friends” with the young Richard Hatch.

I feel I must say that “Pink Angels” is far from a good movie but it is a fun movie and for me that it is just fine.

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