“THE SCENT OF RAIN IN THE BALKANS”— Be on the Lookout for This

“The Scent of Rain in the Balkans” (“Miris kise na Balkanu”)

Be on the Lookout for This

Amos Lassen

We will finally get a chance to see the new miniseries “The Scent of Rain in the Balkans”. It is based upon the novel of the same title and it is the the story of the Sephardic family Salom in Sarajevo, in the period between 2 World Wars. The Salom family is made up of Father Leon, Mother Estera, their five daughters and one son.

When in June 1914 Sarajevo is getting ready to welcome the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Salom family is occupied with the engagement of their daughter Buka and Daniel Papo, a young Sephardi working in the office of the Sarajevo Jewish Community. Although she is not in love with Daniel, Buka accepts his advances because she feels “it’s time to get married”, which is also a consequence of constant meddling of the three aunts Salom who keep tirelessly repeating that it is time for her to extend her family.

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