“Caught Inside” by Jamie Deacon— Changing Paths

Deacon, Jamie. “Caught Inside”, Beaten Track Publishing, 2016

Changing Paths

Amos Lassen

Luke Savage is seventeen-years-old and a very clever guy who thinks that he has his life figured out but that changes when he meets Theo. He had planned on having a fun summer with his girlfriend Zara at her family’s holiday cottage in Cornwall. In his mind’s eye, he saw himself on the beach and surfing. Love was the farthest thing from his thoughts and he is really not interested in love and he was totally unprepared for the way he reacted to Theo, Zara’s cousin who is an undergrad at Oxford and Zara’s best friend. He finds himself feeling desire and has him questioning everything about his life as he discovers that he does not really know himself. He and Theo develop a fragile relationship and Luke makes sure that no one finds out about it. However…

This is a very clever coming-of-age story with characters who are lovable. Jamie Deacon has written a wonderful story with very real characters who pull us into the story in the first few pages.

Luke’s struggle to come to turns with his own feelings and his undeniable attraction to Theo is a struggle that many of us have had to face in our lives. Both Theo and Luke have to deal with emotions that they had not been used to having as well as reconcile the desire they feel for each other. The story is told from Luke’s perspective of Luke, thus letting us feel what he is going through. Because this is the first time that Luke has ever felt anything more than friendship for a boy, his need for Theo is quite strong. It is fun to read about their feelings for each other and the deep conversations they share lets us really get to know them. As Theo and Luke become closer, Luke’s relationship with Zara becomes more and more of a problem. He is really afraid of hurting her. He also worries about how others will react when the secret is out. He realizes that he might lose friends but he also realizes how much he loves Theo.