“FUNERAL”— A Father’s Death


A Father’s Death

Amos Lassen

A new short film is making the rounds of LGBT film festivals and it is a stunning look at a trans woman who must confront her demons as she prepares to attend her estranged father’s funeral. Art Arutyuvan directed and wrote this very powerful film that deals with self-acceptance and acceptance by others of a man/woman who is trying to live her life as the person she really is. I cannot say much about the plot because I would spoil the film for those who have not seen it but I can say that this is a brave film that deals with the topic of death, something none of his are too anxious to see in films today. Instead of saying any more, I am posting a couple of stills from “Funeral” and just by looking at these, you can see where the short goes. Brendan Takash, Rod James, Lee Te, Irina Aylyarova give excellent performances.

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