“Lickety Split” by Damon Suede— A Love Story

Suede, Damon. “Lickety Split”, Dreamspinner Press, 2017.

A Love Story

Amos Lassen

Patch Hastle had to grow up quickly. He left the wilderness of east Texas and headed for New York City where he was determined to make it as a disc jockey and model. He was also determined to never go home again but that changed when both of his parents died and he had to return to sell to the family farm. The will left Patch’s worst enemy in charge— his father’s handsome best friend, Tucker Biggs who made his high school years hell.

Now some twenty years past his rodeo days, Tucker has put down roots as the caretaker of the Hastle farm. He knows that Patch hates him but when Patch shows up looking very handsome and well-built, Tucker decides to turn his visit into a lesson that Patch will never forget.

The two men get together and have sex and they both planned to go their separate ways after the ranch was sold but they realized that they had something special and have to decide what I really important in their lives.

Patch had left home when he was very young, He looked at going back to sell the ranch as an inconvenience that he had to do. He planned to make to trip as quickly as possible but this all changed when the guy who had made him so unhappy years earlier suddenly looked very different to him. Everything changed rather quickly. When he first saw Tucker he felt those same bitter feelings but it was obvious that Tucker has changed.

Patch had always been attracted to Tucker and now both men had grown up. We almost immediately sense that there will be love between them and Tucker actually takes the lead in showing Patch how he feels. Their sex is very hot but it is more than just hot sex. Feelings come out and there is a quick bond between them.

We do not see Tucker as likeable at first especially when we hear about his past and not just the way he treated Patch but we begin to change our minds when we see how Patch relates to him. Patch accepts him as is and this is quite a turn around from the past. We indeed see that the two men love each other and Damon Suede has the ability to show that through his excellent writing. I love that Suede can cause us to shift the way we feel about someone.

There is a crudity to the novel and the dialogue that while not offensive did put me off at times. That and the slang that we encounter caused the story to move more slowly than necessary but that could have been the author’s plan. Personally, I did not care for the edging scenes but that is my opinion.

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