“Caspid: A Love Song” by Joseph Osmundson—An Essay on HIV, Desire, Science, Queerness and Love

Osmundson, Joseph “Capsid: A Love Song”, Indolent Books, 2016.

An Essay on HIV, Desire, Science, Queerness and Love

Amos Lassen

Joseph Osmundson is a scientist and writer from rural Washington State who is today a post-doctoral fellow in systems biology at New York University.

He describes “Capsid: A Love Song” as an essay “On HIV, desire, science, queerness, love.” This is a long-form essay that incorporates eight prose poems, each one inspired by a different phase in the life cycle of HIV. The person infected with a virus is known as the host, and that makes the virus a guest. That guest can sometimes be a friend and/or a friend who becomes a lover. Osmundson here explores the intimacy of the relationship between an HIV-positive person and his virus. He does so through his scientific perspective thus making this young gay man “an especially poignant singer of this love song”.

Because of that I am not going to share the content of the book because I believe reading it should be a personal experience as we go from the time he was first tested for HIV to where he is today. Let me just say that this is a read that you do not want to miss.




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