“Sins of Our Fathers” by A. Rose Mathieu— A Mystery

Mathieu, A. Rose. “Sins of Our Fathers”, Bold Strokes, 2017.

A Mystery

Amos Lassen

Attorney Elizabeth Campbell was raised in the lap of luxury but has turned her back on it and has been finding emotional fulfillment working at a nonprofit legal clinic. Her parents are not happy about this. She has learned how to use the law to fit her needs and this has led her to work with a Catholic priest investigating the case of a simple man with the IQ of a child but who has confessed to a brutal killing. While the case has kept her busy, she faces a more serious personal trial and challenge that comes in the personage of Detective Grace Donovan who is determined to keep her client locked up.

The mayor wants to prove that what he and his office does is fair and he has asked various organizations that provide legal help to those who cannot afford it to have another look at cases to see if convictions have been just or not. When Elizabeth reads the case of Raymond, the man with the low IQ who has been sitting in jail because of the murder of a priest, something does not seem quite right/, put away for a priests murder, the case does not sit right with her. The more she reviews the case, the more she is warned to not get involved in it but she is unable to let it go.

Elizabeth is a woman with lots of heart and she follows what it tells her. In this case, she is on a fairly dangerous mission and we see that she has little fear. She wants justice for Raymond and as his case is reopened, murders start again but this time Raymond is locked up so we know he is not involved.

Elizabeth follows her gut and digs for clues, demanding justice for the perceived innocent man. As Raymond’s case is re-opened as the murders start again, same modus operandi only this time Raymond was behind bars. Because this is a mystery I am limited by what I can say about the plot but I can tell you that tension builds from page to page. I mentioned something earlier about a police detective named Grace and almost led you to believe that there is a romance here. However, this is not a romance even though there are romantic elements in the story. Perhaps the romance will be covered in a sequel.

I am amazed at how well this is written as a first novel. There is great use of details and twists throughout the plot making us turn pages quickly. It is very easy to fall in love with Elizabeth and to want to reach out to Raymond. Reaching out to and or identifying with characters is something that lets me know I am reading a good book. That is what happens here.






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