“Farm Story” by Eddie Casson— Challenging Expectations

Casson, Eddie. “Farm Story: Coming Out of Indiana”, Toss Glitter, 2016.

Challenging Expectations

Amos Lassen

Eddie Casson grew up on a farm in a small Indiana town, a place where church, family, and identity were the symbols of an acceptable life. One who was a conventional person was regarded as highly successful. Gender roles was highly maintained and while there was a place for the arts, boys and girls we were expected to behave in certain acceptable ways. Even though Casson always felt different and apart from most of everyone else around him, he worked hard to be the perfect son, brother, and friend. At home, the family subscribed to perfection and faith and Casson struggled to understand who he was even as unhappiness surrounded all that he did. He knew he had to break free and that to do so meant hurting people that he loved. He also knew “that living his true life would be the only thing that would make it all worth it”.

Casson writes with sensitivity, brutal honesty, raw emotion and detail and to all of us who have suffered and for those who still suffer in silence at some times in our lives, he provides inspiration and hope. We go back in time to a period that we really do not want to remember, a time when children behaved according what that parents felt was the right way to do so. In doing so, we look at our own lives. The book is written in a conversational tone and it is almost as if Casson is there with us. He found the courage to live his authentic life.


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