“Cake Dreams: A Memoir of Survival” by Hoyt J. Phillips III— A Year in the Life

Phillips III, Hoyt J. “Cake Dreams: A Memoir of Survival”, CreateSpace, 2016.

A Year in the Life

Amos Lassen

Hoyt J. Phillips III survived ground zero but was haunted by the horror he saw on 9/11. Right after the attacks, his life became one of starvation, obsession, alcoholism, and self-destruction that almost killed him before he turned twenty-six. If that is not enough, days before the first anniversary of the attacks, he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain tumor. “Cake Dreams” chronicles that year in detail and explores his struggle over addiction and starvation as a result of national tragedy.

Eventually, Hoyt found his love for social justice and has worked for it leading challenging conversations at a social justice and leadership camp for teens where he also tells about his story of self-acceptance and survival. He currently works for Teaching Tolerance where he supports K-12 educators in creating more equitable and inclusive classrooms.

His struggles against self-hatred are inspiring reads. We read about family, moving to a big city, a national tragic event and recovery on multiple fronts. The story simultaneously disturbing, and therapeutic.


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