“Being Green: A Colorful Journey” by Howard Green— Inspiring Struggles

Green, Howard. “Being Green: A Colorful Journey”, Page Publishing, 2016.

Inspiring Struggles

Amos Lassen

Howard Green came of age in the 1950s under really bad circumstances. His mother was insane and his father was cold and abusive. did not make for a good start in life. It was a time when there no gay role models since mot gay men were in the closet. Homosexuality was regarded as a mental illness and Green spend years hiding from who he was. He was married for seven years to a woman but the pressure of hiding his sexuality got to him and he entered, on his decision, a mental hospital for a month and tapped into his inner strength and slowly turned his life around and accepted himself. Once he did so, he was able to become a successful film publicist in Hollywood and worked Lucille Ball, Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, John Denver, Jack Lemmon and many others. Green went from his painful and troubled youth to emerging as a successful man and friend to singer and actress Doris Day.


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