“Charlatan: A Biography of MILO YIANNOPOULOS” by Lucas Goodwin— Why?

Goodwin, Lucas. “Charlatan: A Biography of MILO YIANNOPOULOS”, ADS , 2017.


Amos Lassen

When Milo Yiannopoulos suddenly appeared on the scene with his “Dangerous Faggot” tour, people naturally wondered who he is and why was he has risen so fast. Behind his outward appearance and outrageous act lies a murkier story. Some of those stories involve prostitution, bankruptcy and lawsuits. He has had failures, reinventions and burned along the way. We hear from people in London to LA who knew the man before he was considered to be “the internet’s most fabulous super villain”. Here we have the secrets he won’t tell from his real name to who gave him a push up in the media industry and who really cares? He is yesterday’s news now and I do not believe that he will be hearing about him again anytime soon. He might have been the self-appointed free speech but he blew that too.

Here is his history of pathological lying, unpaid debts, unstable behavior and dispassionate opportunism. Anyone who was shocked over Milo’s comments about underage sex is not familiar with his work and don’t realize that he is a media whore who relies on shock factor. Besides there is nothing here that can’t be read by googling.


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