“Tupac – Assassination III: Battle For Compton”

Deconstructing the Context

Amos Lassen

The murders of rap legends Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace have resonated with the public for over 20 years and are still unsolved. In this documentary we look at why these murders remain cold cases. We look at new evidence as well as at the power structure behind the politics of corruption inside and outside Death Row Records. We see, in detail, the embedded corruption that led to Death Row Records and the perfect storm that allowed them to operate. It seems that the problem with these two cases was that everyone was looking for hard facts but not at the context in which those facts are presented. This film deconstructs the context that led to the shooting and does so reasonably and in-depth and provides context to the events surrounding, leading up to, and after these murders. Beginning with the ‘shaping of the narrative’ in the aftermath of the killings , cover-ups are exposed and we see that there were evidence leaks from Death Row Records to the LAPD.

“Battle For Compton” clarifies the environment in which these murders happened and the reasons for the case is still open.

The body of works contained within this film makes the case of what exactly happened 20 years ago, and what has happened during these years to cover up the shameful badge abuse running rampant amongst the Compton and Los Angeles Police Departments.

The film gives proof that cops were involved with both murders, and reveals what the Los Angeles Police Department hid from us at its attempts at pinning the Shakur shooting on gangs and how their story changed many times. Through audio clips and the documents, firsthand accounts and supporting court and police documents show how corruption was present in almost every aspect of the case.

Connections ran deep between the LAPD and the gangs of Los Angeles. This is probably the reason that the police have no interest in solving the case. Blame has been thrown around during the years following the murders and there have been many theories about what really happened. We see definitely here that the case is actually much bigger than anyone has ever thought.

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