“PEOPLE LIKE US”— Looking for Love

“People Like Us”

Looking for Love

Amos Lassen

“People Like Us” is new LGBT web series about four different men looking for love, lust and all things in between. It is set in Singapore and we immediately see that there is little difference in the way we look for love in different locales.

It all starts on a Friday night when our four characters are each getting ready for a night on the town are all individually gearing up for some sort of night on the town. Public relations consultant Joel at twenty-six years old seems to be good at everything he does aside from his meetings with other men. He becomes impatient and seems unable to allow things to happen at a natural pace.  Perhaps this is why his relationships have never lasted more than 3 months.  His latest boyfriend is Ridzwan, a 30 year old closeted accountant who wants sex, but without any attachment or commitment. He is consumed by not letting anyone know that he is gay.  

Rai is twenty-one and in the Army. He is desperate to meet Mr. Right and he has bad date after bed date with guys who want sex and not love. He meets Isaac, an older private banker and he hopes that he is “the one” but Isaac is fresh out of a divorce and wants to enjoy his newly found sexual freedom and this means chem-sex parties.

Leon Chen created this series for a new organization that connects and helps the LGBT community in Singapore, so even though the sex is steamy, it is safe.

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