“Counting for Thunder”

Finding Himself

Amos Lassen

Phillip Stalworth is an actor who is unlucky in work, money and love. He goes back home to the Deep South to help out during a family crisis and is there inspired to find his true voice as his mother is finally finding hers.

This is an autobiographical look at Phillip whose relationship with Caroline, a UCLA college professor, is falling apart at just the same time his mother in Alabama receives a dire medical diagnosis. It is then up to Phillip to work through his past with his complicated family, some old high school chums, and the desperate and hilarious southern characters who grace his hometown. As e does, he learns more about his mother than he ever bargained for, and even more about himself.

Phillip Irwin Cooper makes his debut as a director with this film that is based upon his own life. The film looks at the themes of love, life, sex and death. Originally this was a one-man-show based on his experiences where he portrayed 23 wildly disparate characters.

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