“FOUR BY FOUR”— The Beach that Isn’t


The Beach that Isn’t

Amos Lassen

 Shay Kanot’s “Four by Four” is a wild comedy about three colleagues at a Tel Aviv high-tech company who follow their adrenaline-junky of a boss, Motti (Or Zehavi), on a road trip to the perilous Sinai Peninsula looking for a secret beach resort. However, the beach doesn’t exist.  It was made up by of one of the junior executives, Oded (Oshri Cohen), who is trying to impress Motti and get a long sought-after promotion. But Oded is not alone in wanting a raise; so do Tal (Shlomi Koriat), a geek from marketing, and Dima (Avi Dangof), a racist and a quirky Russian programmer.

When Motti decides to go in search of “Oded’s beach”, things go crazy. Oded tries to cancel the excursion as he considers the repercussions of  his lie, but is unable to do so. The four reach Sinai, cross the border into Egypt and get lost in the desert. Then they are kidnapped by hostile Bedouins and only manage to escape with the help of a triple-amputee Eritrean asylum seeker and the daughter of a sheikh who wields AK47-wielding and who dreams of participating in a singing contest on Israeli TV. 

Now in the desert Oded has to confront his friends and admit that he lied and endangered their lives. Just as things seem to be at their bleakest and most hopeless the four manage to get out of trouble. Now all they have to deal with is who gets the promotion?

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