“On a LARP” by Stefani Deoul— Sid Rubin, Teen Coder

Deoul, Stefani. “On a LARP”, (A Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure), Bywater Books, 2017.

Sid Rubin, Teen Coder

Amos Lassen

Sid Rubin is a very smart high school girl who is a whiz at solving problems but who also possesses a smart-ass attitude. We have all know someone like her but what makes Sid so special is her endearing qualities. She possesses a very mind that never seems to stop working and she is self-deprecating, socially awkward and has something to say about everything. Sid also happens to be a lesbian and has the great ability of being able to solve problems.

While on a field trip with one of her classes, Sid recognizes the photo of a murder victim and what began as a light bulb going off in her head caused her and some of her friends to be recruited by the police department and to go after a murderer and solve a mystery. It is her job to explain LARP (live action role playing game) to the police and as she does, we find her running after a web-murderer while keeping up with her schoolwork.

I love that in this young adult novel we get not only the story of a young gay teen but also a mystery that is filled with twists and turns. Sid seems to have an affinity for danger and then takes things on head-on. Because her mind is so active, she thinks about many things at the same time but has the ability to prioritize and keep all those thoughts grounded (to a degree). I did not know any students like this when I was in high school. Writer Stefani Deoul gives us a novel filled with adventure, passion, self-doubt and young love and it is a terrific read. Now excuse me while I go and read “On a LARP” once again.