“Widows of the Sun-Moon” by Barbara Ann Wright— A Speculative View

Wright, Barbara Ann. “Widows of the Sun-Moon”, (Godfall), Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

A Speculative View

Amos Lassen

I really do not like reading speculative fiction and in this, I know that I am in the minority. It is just my personal preference but I am quite sure this affects the way I review books of that genre. This brings me to Barbara Wright’s “Widows of the Sun-Moon” which I had a really hard time getting into.

We meet Naos who is alone in space and bored whose life should now be perfect since she really has no worries. She finds that her life is meaningless and that she really has nothing to do aside from staring in space on the planet Calamity and wonder what being a god would be like. She fantasizes about what it would be like to start a war. She thinks it should be fairly easy to get one going. She remembers that the Storm Lord is a really bad moon since Simon Lazlo, the source of immortality left so it should not be difficult to get that god riled. She then considers the Sun-Moon god of Calamity but that god is peaceful and lives in serenity with those who live on the plains as well as with the humans and aliens who are led by the enticing and intriguing Cordelia Ross. However there is a plague going on and that should make it quite easy to set people against each other. A war for Naos would be a good thing in that she would then be the only deity. For Naos war is a game and we see here that war is not really spontaneous; it must be planned out. What she does not seem to understand is the impact that war has on citizens and it is much more than a game of gods.

The topic is timely and the story is well thought out but I had a really hard time getting into this story.



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