“Rubber-Hand Ball” by Christopher Church— Mason Braithwaite Returns

Church, Christopher. “Rubber-Band Ball”, (The Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series: Volume 5), Dagmar Miura, 2017.

Mason Braithwaite Returns

Amos Lassen

I have been lucky enough to have the chance to review all of Christopher Church’s Mason Braithwaite novels. It is fascinating to watch Mason, a paranormal detective mature through the series and he remains one of my favorite characters in modern literature and I am sure that comes from Church’s love in creating him. Every novel is a new case and a different aspect of Mason’s personality. While he is the main character and chief detective, he never really works alone and is always supported by and his boyfriend Ned and his roommate Peggy. They make quite a team.

This time Mason is contacted by a metallurgist who wants him to locate the earth energy points running under Los Angeles. Mason finds nothing strange in that request but he does wonder what this client is up to and why he needs this information. He later learns that it has to do with a shady real estate deal and some kind of machine that is hidden from the naked eye. Mason’s research takes him to a waitress and part-time banker, Julia, who is on her own search that has to do with a supply of forgotten artifacts. Then there is Meg, the descendant of a long forgotten radio star who seems to know something about what is going on but she hides it from the world. Mason even has to dig up the yard to see if it yields anything and the mystery becomes more and more twisted as we read along.

The difficulty I have in reviewing stories like this is that in summarizing, I might actually give away spoiler that could ruin the read for others so my summary stops here.

The fact that Mason is paranormal makes this all the more fun to read. Ned is there for him but not always eager to be so. Church has the wonderful ability of being able to constantly reinvent Mason and every adventure is a new read. My praise, however, remains the same.

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