“SEX POWER FREEDOM” by Andrew Christian— A Coffee Table Book

Christian, Andrew. “Sex Power Freedom”, Andrew Christian, 2017.

A Coffee Table Book

Amos Lassen

Andrew Christian’s “Sex Power Freedom” comes out in two editions, silver and gold. The gold edition can only be obtained at a book-signing event after the official book signing tour launches in February 2017. Therefore I must contain myself to the silver edition. The book consists of 200 glossy pages of black and white photos that “push the limits of sexuality, create conversation, and stir quite a bit of controversy”. This book made up of just sexy photos. It explains that sex is power, emotion, creation, personal expression and political freedom.

Andrew Christian has said that he created this book to bring positive awareness about LGBT empowerment and how it relates to political freedom in the USA and around the world. This coffee table book features the Andrew Christian models as they push the limits of sexual desires and what that means for everyone in today’s modern society. The photos are sexy without being pornographic and have messages.

The book was made possible through a grassroots INDIEGOGO campaign, with more than $105,000 raised through 900 contributors with an average contribution of $100.

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